Collab session description

Collab sessions bring you the possibility to learn and boost your enquiry into the DSP. Through collaboration and group work you will gain more insight into the learning process and the module content.

Collab sessions will take place on Thursdays from 12:00-13:00h in the rooms 01AC03, 02AC03, 03AC03 and 04AC03. These rooms are designed to facilitate group work, with walls that we can write on and flexible room layout. Depending upon the attendance, we may be expanding to all four rooms, but the target is to fit us all in two rooms. The groups will comprise 5-6 students and will be randomised at every session. The EBL learning structure depicted below.


Written Preps

Preps are a physical result of your enquiry. At the end of each collab session (Mondays 13-15h), you will be given topics for the following week. Your inquisitive mind will explore the new area and generate the prep notes by hand. Preps are required to be completely hand-written and hand-drawn in a biggish A4 notebook, possibly together with your notes from the lectures. This will be your best revision material. The prep notes will be assessed. Make sure that you represent your enquiry in the best possible way – we will have only a couple of minutes to grasp the depth of your enquiry and understanding of the new matter. Knowing that a picture is worth a thousand words, draw more. Be creative.

Session plan

Approx. Time Student’s actions
00-05 Sign in, get your group assigned a topic, sit down and get ready
05-25 Present the prep to your group with critical reflections, with all pros and cons. Discuss it.
25-30 Write an outline of an ideal prep on the wall.
30-00 As a group, give a 5 minute presentation of the prep. Others ask questions and discuss.


The 20% of the overall module mark will come from the Collab marks. Assessment will take into account quality of the written preps (35%), your individual effort during the collab sessions/presentation (35%) and a group mark for the quality of the presented prep (30%), all assessed by the session supervisors.