3D interaction

Interaction with 3D video content

One of the main emerging challenges of future multimedia platforms is the development of three-dimensional (3D) display technology, resulting in a plethora of research activities in the video research community focusing on this topic. This emerging technology is capable of bringing a whole new experience to the end user by offering a 3D real immersive feeling experience. However, research towards meaningful user interaction with the real 3D content is still at its early stages.
Having this in mind, the main aim of this research activity is to provide a comprehensive understanding and investigation about how to develop an interactive 3D video platform that delivers intuitive interaction with 3D video content. The key elements of the proposed platform include effective interaction with the content and the design of appropriate UI modality. Moreover, in order to specify the requirement for the designs, a number of studies into the implication of the 3D content delivery mechanism as well as the best user practices are being conducted.